History of Pantros IP

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The Meaning of Pantros

The word Pantros is based on the Ancient Greek phrase panta rhei (all things move and nothing remains still), dating back to the pre Socratic Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, and referring to our new technology that we constantly evolve, as well as on patents that are constantly applied to improve and change all things in human life.


Pantros IP Merges with PatentCafe

In 2009, PatentCafe announced its acquisition and subsequent merger with Smart IP Solutions, creating a truly global company that leverages the knowledge and experience of these two organizations.

And thus began Pantros IP's arrival into a new dimension of global business.

The focus of Pantros IP is to provide the most complete patent portfolio management solution across all areas. Solutions are based on artificial intelligence and the world's largest true LSA IP data repository.

Immediate improvements and system enhancements included:

- Broader and deeper range of IP solutions to meet business needs
- Commitment to innovation, ensuring the next-generation technology solutions
- Greater support and resources available worldwide
- Financially strong partner with long-term strategy for growth

PatentCafe pioneered the integration of Latent Semantic Analysis and advanced linguistics patent search technology, portfolio management software, online patent analytics, and an international patent database, into a the industry’s first, and only Decision Support System (DSS) class of enterprise software applications.

With presence in the US, Europe and Asia, Pantros IP takes this farther and gives patent owners unparalleled capability to manage their patent assets. Supporting daily IP management operations such as maximizing licensing revenue, minimizing maintenance fee costs, and creating strategic information for product and market development teams.

Its proven semantic LSA patent search technology has revolutionized patent research and now stands as a global market leader for strategic IP management tools based on artificial intelligence.

Pantros IP is committed to continual development, introducing new lines of proprietary software modules that help professionals search, manage, mine, exploit, analyze, and develop patents and portfolios. These include private corporate portfolio management, industry analysis, competitive patent intelligence, and unparalleled patent informatics.

The President and CEO of Pantros IP stated in a personal interview, “This acquisition creates a strategic global presence for Pantros IP that includes a local presence to provide a truly complete Intellectual Property Management Solution. The integration of PatentCafe and SmartIP Solutions developed artificial intelligence and the worlds largest true semantic analysis LSA patent databank will continue to provide best in class Executive Management solutions across all areas.”

... and so it has been.