Company: Pantros IP

Pantros, an company, is the Leading Global Provider of Advanced Patent Search and IP Solutions

Pantros IP pioneered Latent Semantic Analysis, an advanced patent search technology that fuels advanced patent analytics and portfolio management from an enterprise-class software solution.

We have multi-dimensional IP solutions that are based on our in-house patent collection, the world's largest true semantic patent database - based on concepts, not keywords. As a corporate enterprise or individual user, you will have access to a full deployment of patent tools providing comprehensive analytic reports, as well as ad hoc information through our secure online portal.

Our system thinks, it is dynamic, and it is self-learning.

Pantros IP is still the innovation leader, continually developing new proprietary software modules and enhancing existing asset management lines that help professionals search, protect, mine, exploit, analyze and develop patents and portfolio collections more efficiently than traditional methods. Solutions include private corporate portfolio management, industry analysis, competitive patent intelligence, and unparalleled patent informatics. Tasks previously thought to be impossible can be completed automatically using the Pantros IP family of solutions. From mapping a competitor's product line against every patent in your 40,000 patent portfolio using Portfolio DSS, to promptly identifying potential patent infringement using Competitive Intelligence Alerts, Pantros IP is the answer.

Pantros IP's Management, Board of Directors, and Advisory Team bring an unparalleled scope of technology, software, IP, and business talent to the table. Pantros IP remains the innovative first-mover in patent software application development and technology integration.

SIZE - Pantros IP

  • Owns the largest semantically indexed conceptual databank in the world (concept-based patent search engine).
  • Operates one of the largest SQL Server implementations in the world.
  • A global presence with operations in USA, Europe, and Japan.

SPEED - Pantros IP

  • Ranks over 16 million patents by relevancy in less than 10 seconds.
  • Fully analyzes a patent portfolio of 1,000 patents within hours. This includes evaluation of the 100 most relevant patents in the technology sphere, performing over 100,000 calculations.


  • Web-accessible patent database is one of the largest and most complete online patent collections in the world.
  • 40,000 new granted patents and published applications are added to the database each week.
  • Collections are continually being processed to WIPO St. 36 and Six Sigma patent data quality targets.
  • Provides additional patent collections on special request with access to over 100 million patent documents.
  • Non-patent literature such as design specifications and other technical literature can be indexed to provide a complete and thorough relevancy picture.