Meet the Team

Get to know a few of our key team members at Pantros IP HQ in the USA.

Colleen Henderson

Our Chief Executive Officer brings her own unique blend of forward-thinking acumen to the leadership and direction of Pantros IP. As a recognized leader for developing and delivering strategic vision, Ms. Henderson has a noteworthy background encompassing the successful implementation of realignment and change management initiatives that ensure an efficient, cost-effective operation at all levels. Supported by a complex background that drove the bevy of knowledge and expertise she brings to the Pantros IP family, Ms. Henderson has a proven track record of success in hands-on leadership roles. A number of industries can boast experiencing her welcomed impact such as specialty telecommunication, niche construction, and start-up "dot com" firms throughout northern California. Ms. Henderson's ability to consistently deliver results has earned her an outstanding reputation in the field. Originally recruited as the Director of Accounting and Operations in 2010, she played a daily role in establishing financial benchmarks for operations with an emphasis in cost containment. Promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2011, Ms. Henderson was proud to accept the key leadership position where she is charged with overseeing the strategic direction of this complex business enterprise.

Colleen is an Equestrian with a passion for comedic dramas and planning high profile seasonal events. 

Megan Scroggins

As our Operations Manager, Megan is our resident guru for all things functional. She manages our communication systems, conducts client training demos, efficiently resolves customer issues, and manages all of our data. She is also a key contributor in the management of our proprietary technology that drives the patent analytic systems and makes your experience at Pantros IP successful.

Megan is known for correcting people’s poor grammar and her voracious consumption of the printed word. She has said that the number of bookshelves in her home far surpasses the number of shoes in her closet.

Mike Ford

Our Senior Developer/Programmer, Mike, came to work with our proprietary systems in 2008 where he has been directly responsible for facilitating the development of new technology, continuous improvements, and increasing reliability of systems and services. Mike brings a unique mix of perfectionism and an easy going collaborative spirit to the team.

Mike is a self-proclaimed health nut, baseball fan, and an outdoor aficionado of the first kind… and his wife makes the most delicious gourmet chocolates in the northern hemisphere.

Tracy Smith

With a penchant for both creative and analytical business initiatives, Tracy is our Business Manager that channels our creative marketing impulses down the right path. She keeps us focused and organized in the perception of the public image while also developing new ways to market our global enterprise.

Tracy is our resident movie and word buff with a yen for reciting quotes, as well as participating in what she refers to as Vitamin D activities; sailing, hiking, volleyball, and swimming. 

Lena Lowe

Well-read Lena is our expert on everything Pantros IP and a living timeline of the progression of this innovative IP technology company. Starting in 2002, she has been a core component of continuity at headquarters in a Marketing Manager role and is primarily focused on our publications and the technical aspects of advertising.

Lena is a high spirited German-English Translator and is currently studying Mandarin. Her green thumb extends to any type of edible gardening, and she is a firm believer in positive thought and the potential of the human race.

Joyce Vargo

Naturally driven to build relationships and educate clients, Joyce was promoted to Sales Director in 2011 for her performance in promoting our specialized patent search systems. She guides the acquisition of new contracts and reaches out to multiple markets to identify the right solutions for each client, and as such directly impacts each client’s success in IP.

Joyce has been recognized for her ability to multi-task, as well as talk the fur off a jungle cat, but more importantly, she is our window to the longevity of Pantros IP and the one we look to for building bridges with new clients.

Cheryl Noda

Reaching out to key decision makers and individuals around the world, Cheryl, our Corporate Sales Manager, brings a level of customer service in the highly consultative sales process that is the mark of Pantros IP enterprise software. She is a dynamic customer-focused team member with strengths in making recommendations to the client and furthering their success.

Cheryl is a fashionista shopaholic with an eye for designer brands and who also has a strong passion for the patent industry.

Steve Carson

Our newest team member, Steve, comes to us with a forthright attitude and a strong ability to support Customer Accounts. He supports both In-house Sales initiatives and Patent Data functions.

Steve is a rustic warm weather camper with a yen for horse racing, fantasy football, poker, and the Dodgers. Go Team!