Here are some excerpts from client testimonials.

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“In the course of managing and financing patent litigation for inventors and patent owners, Pantros provides a service that is reliable, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art and always there when we need it. Researching patent infringement claims for our clients would be a much more labor-intensive, much more error-prone task without the search tools that Pantros provides.”

--Patent Management Industry

"... Dedication to Continued R&D: You’ve shown that you encourage and value your customers opinions and feedback, and are dedicated to investing in the continued development and improvement of your product. Responsiveness: You develop and implement product improvements efficiently and in a timely manner. Also, the responsiveness of your customer service and technical service departments is exceptional. Customer Service: I would like to recognize and thank you Joyce for the exceptional job you do. You represent Pantros in a very responsible and professional manner. It’s a real pleasure to work with you. You always respond quickly and make sure our needs are taken care of.  Joyce, the exceptional service you provide is a major factor in my decision to renew our subscription. Again, thank you..."

--Medical Equipment Industry

“Pantros IP is IP intelligence-on-call. As a patent broker and provider of IP consulting and valuation services, IPOfferings uses Pantros IP’s patent search capabilities when we sell patent portfolios or single patents for clients, and it helps us identify patents in specific technologies or applications for acquisition clients. And Pantros IP’s training and client support is world-class!” 

--Patent Broker

"Thank you very much for the info., research and time you spent assisting me earlier this evening. Immensely helpful and encouraging!! Straight up and a huge shout out to you!"

--Medical Device Inventor

"THAT was quick! Super customer service."

--IP-related Consulting Firm


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