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BUY NOW to experience the quality patent analytics of Pantros IP. A decade of development has gone into every algorithm in our specialized patent analysis system. Why shouldn't you be the next to experience what we have been applauded for producing?

Patent Value Reports and Patent Factor Index Reports analyze key indices contributing to the patent value or published application. The Composite Patent Rejection Reports provide proactive insight into a targeted, fact-based approach to finding buyers and sellers, identifying infringement and licensing opportunities, and conducting infringement litigation research.

Whether you need information to support licensing negotiations, patent acquisition, or competitive patent analysis, no other on-demand patent reports will give you more information faster. Reports can be requested for US publications, grants, and reissues. You also have access to reports for DE, EP and WIPO/PCT. Contact Us directly for special pricing to buy patent reports in bulk. We are willing to go the extra mile to help you with your patent analysis needs. 

Do you already know that you want to purchase a subscription for our customizable Patent Portfolio Management Tools? Choose the Subscription option to sign up for the Patent Solution that will fulfill your patent management plan.

Do you want to take patent management to the next level? Select CPVA Certification Courses to sign up for the patent certification that will add a whole new dimension to your credibility in patent analysis and patent evaluation. 

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