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Pantros IP Intelligent Solutions

Pantros IP's intelligent semantic system has become recognized as the next generation of search and analytic tools in the IP industry. The technology goes far beyond basic semantic interfaces that only function from keyword counting or synonym mapping.

Based upon artificial intelligence, the ProSearch™ search engine uses advanced technology to rank patent search results by relevance directly measured to the core technology taught from the patents, providing the most accurate results for any type of search objective, including integrated graphic analysis results and data visualization tools.

Pantros IP Portfolio DSS SWOT Analysis has taken IP management two levels above by understanding and digitalizing the complex process that evaluates patents in their context. The tool not only allows clients to build individual custom portfolios as searchable databases, but compares patents and portfolios to the patents which are closely related. The end result is a unique quality evaluation of the patent's strength in terms commercial, legal and technology factors using 30 data indicators.

Pantros IP has extensive experience and expertise in enterprise software development, which is the key differentiator between Pantros and conventional patent data vendors. Our patent data warehouse is updated weekly, and draws upon years of patent data knowledge. We continue to improve IP related processes for the most successful organizations today.

Portfolio DSS™ provides modeling & analysis of any patent or patent portfolio on demand, quickly identifying specific patents to justify business critical decisions.

ProSearch™ is the world's first artificial intelligence search engine for patents, providing intelligent semantic search as well as Boolean patent research with true relevancy ranking.

PFI™ Analytics and Reports identify the commercial, technology and legal quality of nearly any patent or patent application - transparently, instantly, and objectively.

Patent CIA™ is the most intelligent and robust competitive alert application available, allowing semantic profiles to automatically trigger notification and enterprise collaboration.

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