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Solutions that drive innovation.

IP.com empowers the world’s leading innovators to increase productivity and reduce costs by providing patent and non-patent literature discovery tools, competitive intelligence insight, and target identification. Our industry-leading search and analytics software, along with our professional services offerings, enable organizations to make critical business decisions regarding their intellectual property, competition, and market.

Our suite of solutions includes:
InnovationQ is a powerful discovery and analytics platform that helps organizations optimize and monetize their intellectual property. Powered by IP.com’s proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ rapidly sifts through big data to efficiently and accurately pinpoint relevant documents. The results enable organizations to make critical business decisions around patentability, freedom to operate, market landscape, and competitive intelligence.
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InnovationQ Plus
InnovationQ Plus is our new innovation discovery and analytics platform that indexes the full text of IEEE Periodicals, Conferences, and Standards, which are cited in patents three times more than any other publisher, alongside a comprehensive, full text global patent database. This provides a single, integrated platform that accelerates an organization’s discovery of key insights and time to market.
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Technical Disclosure
Prior Art Database is the world’s first and largest online prior art disclosure service, and has been in existence since the company was founded in 2000. It is a unique and valuable source of non-patent literature for IP professionals, patent examiners, attorneys, corporate researchers and development staff, libraries, and universities. IP.com provides search access and journals to patent offices around the world.
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Professional Services
IP.com’s team of searchers will help you clear product features, perform patent searches in support of prosecution, detect patent infringement, find prior art to aid in answering demand letters, and assess opportunities in the patent landscape. They are experts in advanced search technologies and many have practiced engineering with some of the world’s leading corporations; providing them with first-hand experience in their field.
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IP Analytics
IP.com is pleased to make available our newly enhanced Patent Factor Index™ Report. We've spent a lot of time and energy performing big data analysis, correlating results, and evaluating and tuning the factors used to produce the Indexes. Early in 2016 you'll be able to obtain a report directly from within the InnovationQ system. Between now and then, however, we need to run the report for you and deliver it via email.
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