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The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst

Do you think you'd be good at valuing patents and emerging technologies? If so, Pantros IP offers a specialized certificate program to get you started. The Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) is a unique designation that shows your expertise. When you put this designation behind your name, it means that you've attained a high degree of proficiency in valuing patents and emerging technologies.

How can you use a CPVA? The CPVA can help your career in any IP-related field. This includes a career as an intellectual property manager, licensing executive, business development executive, patent agent, or patent attorney. It can be a bonus for your business if your company deals in patents, emerging technologies, or business valuation.

What You Get As a CPVA

After you complete the required coursework and pass the exam, you'll be able to use the CPVA designation after your name. You can continue using this designation as long as you're in good standing with the Business Development Academy. If you'd like, your name will also appear on the CPVA website showing that you've achieved CPVA designation. You'll also be eligible to use the Patent Valuation Gauntlet (PVG) stamp on your valuations.

As a CPVA, you'll enjoy all the benefits of membership in The Business Development Academy. The main benefit is a substantial discount on all of the Academy's courses and events. The Business Development Academy offers courses in intellectual property, corporate transactions, negotiations, financial modeling and projections, strategic decision making, strategic planning, business valuation, and more. These courses help you keep current in the patent industry and stay at the top of your profession.

The CPVA designation tells the world that you're a certified and reliable patent valuator (patent evaluator) and this gives you a major credential to help boost your business or career.

CPVA Designation Gives You…
  • The ability to evaluate patents and new technologies
  • Certification that shows your level of proficiency
  • Access to courses offered by the Business Development Academy
  • Career opportunities in all patents or business valuation fields
  • Valuable skills to help your business and professional credibility grow
  • Advantage over your competitors

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