Patent Reports

Patent Value Report

Analyzes important factors that IP professionals traditionally use to assess the legal and economic value of an issued US patent.

  • Economic Patent Value (as a computed share of the Protected Market)
  • Economic value of the market protected by the patent (as a computed share of the US Gross Domestic Product)

The Patent Value Report Terms (PDF) help interpret the data presented in this report, and are considered an integral part of this Patent Value Report.

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Patent Factor™ Index Report

Separately analyzes 3 critical factors that professional analysts need to determine patent value to make legal assessments, or to support business-critical decisions relating to this patent.

High confidence strategies and real-world valuation occurs when Legal, Commercial, and Technology Factors are assessed with the understanding of how each factor interrelates with the others. More emphasis should be placed on the individual factor indices rather than the Total Patent Factor since a single "score" may obfuscate important components contributing to patent value from the Recipient's unique objectives, perspective, core knowledge, assumptions or understanding of the discrete legal, technology or commercial indicators reviewed in this report.

Each FACTOR may earn a maximum score of 1000, and a minimum score of ZERO.

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Patent Combined Report

Blends both patent reports described above to analyze 3 critical factors necessary to determine patent value, make legal assessments, and support business-critical decisions in portfolio management.

The Patent Combined Report is the IP industry's most significant and comprehensive online patent analysis tool, providing a window of understanding into the patent being evaluated based on advanced latent semantic analysis technology and large-scale patent analytics modeling (multivariate regression models, econometric, citation and bibliometric analysis).

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Composite Patent Rejection Report

Assess the value, performance, and impact of your IP with a comprehensive impact data and analysis report for US applications and patents. This Decision Support System will assist you with making informed decisions for the valuation of acquisitions or sales, making a targeted, fact-based approach to finding buyers and sellers, identifying infringement and licensing opportunities, and conducting infringement litigation research.

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True Value Patent Report

This comprehensive report combines the Patent Value, Patent Factor Index, and the Composite Rejection reports above to bring you a fully transparent look into the critical aspects that support your intellectual property decisions. (Only available for US patents, at this time)

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