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“Google On Steroids”

Why did Businessweek call ProSearch™ 'Google on Steroids?' Because it goes above and beyond in the world of advanced patent search. 

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ProSearchTM is a smarter patent search tool. It is fueled by proprietary Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) search engine technology supported by an ever-growing patent database from around the globe. (Concept-based search) How does one search for a patent?

What is a patent search?
The patent search software and patent search analytics uses full-text queries comprised of natural language our technology finds patents that a traditional Boolean search, or keyword search, cannot. This intelligent search understands the concept rather than just searching for key words and reveals relevant patents where the language has been obscured - saving you time, money, and the risk of potential legalities.

Search results are ranked by relevancy so you get the most important documents first. You'll be looking at your results while Boolean search users are still typing their ANDs and NOTs. 

What is ProSearch?
ProSearchTM is the powerful international patent database and search engine that gives our enterprise patent portfolio management solution, Portfolio DSS™, superior intelligence. It allows you to spend your time making decisions about relevant patents rather than searching for them - a much better use of a most valuable resource… your time.

ProSearchTM includes the world's largest full semantically-indexed international patent database. It is continuously updated with new patents available just 24 - 48 hours after publication by the national patent offices.

What do you have to do to take advantage of this intelligent search option?

Just apply for a license, get your log-in, password, and enter our data center. It's that simple!

For personal assistance or if you would like to speak with one of our technical advisors, and for information on our corporate rates, or on how to do a patent search or about ProSearch please contact us.

For more detailed information, you can review the ProSearchTM Product PDF.

Pantros IP's ProSearchTM Saves You Time And Valuable Resources
ProSearchTM Allows You To:
  • Monitor technology trends outside your industry - see the high potential for in-, cross-, or out-licensing.
  • Identify relevant new technologies obscured by difficult “legalese” and jargon.
  • Discover technology trends first - Before your competition does.
  • Identify and avoid parallel development.
  • Quickly validate R&D projects before budget approval and continue monitoring during development.
  • Solve the bottleneck between R&D and the patent department.
  • Reduce time to market (TTM) in manufacturing.